Data hub

The University of Stavanger has developed a data hub that can process, analyze and visualize large amounts of data.

Data hub

This could be data on traffic, weather, energy production and consumption and other types of large data sets. Analyzing such data can form the foundation for new and better services.

The data hub was developed for the participating cities in the Triangulum project, but can also be used by all smart cities who want to work systematically with large data sets to create a more forward-thinking city. The portal can furthermore be adapted to other applications, such as the energy or health sector.


  • Triangulum has strengthened UiS research expertise regarding smart city technology, as well as inspired several other projects. Cases in point: Smart Community Neighbourhood, PACE and the ‘Smart Campus Project’ in the Norwegian Research Council program ‘Kapasitetsløftet’. As a result, the university can now contribute more to the restructuring and development of the region and of Norway in general.
  • The research group has learned a lot about the connection between hardware and software, and the challenges of converting different datasets/formats into a single analysis tool.
  • Students have used the IT portal to process large amounts of data related to thesis writing. It can also be used in research projects.
  • The university has developed a closer relationship with the municipality regarding smart city solutions.
  • The data hub in Triangulum connects to a larger data center, in collaboration with the Green Mountain and Lyse data center.
Contact information for the project
Russel Wolff

Senior Advisor

Phone: 51 83 21 82

Leiv Gunnar Lie

Communication advisor

Phone: 920 77 057