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Watch the movie about Triangulum and the Stavanger region

Energy management

Smart solutions in public buildings

At the nursery-home called Bergåstjern, Lyse has installed some of the patients rooms with a smart panel which makes it possible for the nurse to adjust the light and the temperature at each room – as the patient preferences.


Tour de Triangulum


Triangulum's importance to you

See what solutions are developed through the Triangulum project and what it means to you

Central energy plant

Central energy plant (Stavanger municipality)

The central energy plant is Stavanger municipality’s delivery in Triangulum. In the film you can see how The central energy plant transforms the city’s wastewater into energy that cools and warms the swimming pool, the town hall and Olav Kyrresgate 23.

Electric buses

Unveiling the electric buses

In February 2017, three new electric buses with their own design were unveiled at Torget in Stavanger. It was the design “Mother Earth” by Morten Amdal from Godalen VGS that adorned the buses. County Mayor Solveig Ege Tengesdal and Amdal unveiled the buses together. Afterwards there was a party with muffins, coffee, balloons and face paint for the kids inside the buses.

Data hub

The University of Stavanger's role in Triangulum

The researchers at UiS tell how to use advanced ICT to analyze data from the project, and how the tool can be used to identify smart solutions.

Energy management

Lyse's contribution in Triangulum

The project manager of Lyses deliverance, Per Fjeld, is taking us through a short brief of the Triangulum-history and introduces one of our pilots who has been helping us testing chargers for Electrical vehicles.

Electric buses

Design competition for the electric buses

Rogaland County Council arranged a separate design competition for the three new electric buses. Pupils from three upper secondary schools participated, Vågen, Godalen and Bergeland. A jury with among others county chairman Solveig Ege Tengesdal and Nuart chose the ten best designs. published these designs and the readers voted out the best visual expression. Finally, it was “Mother Earth” who won with 22,000 votes.