Greater Stavanger leads the communication work to spread awareness of the Triangulum project regionally, nationally and internationally. In addition, Greater Stavanger facilitates an exchange of experiences with the region's municipalities and participants.

Communication work

The communication group consists of a communication advisor, from each of the partners and is led by Greater Stavanger. This group is, among other things, responsible for the production of films, events and informative material that highlights both the solutions in the project, and the importance of the Triangulum project to the region’s inhabitants.

Important ripple effects:

  • Triangulum was the start of the region’s smart city venture. The project was one of the factors that made it possible to establish Nordic Edge Expo, the largest smart city conference in the Nordics, which is held annually in Stavanger.
  • The engagement through Triangulum also contributed to the establishment of the municipality’s smart city office.

The film shows what solutions have been developed through the Triangulum project and what it means to you.

Contact information for the project
Svanhild Hestnes Sondresen

Opportunity Manager – Communications and Marketing

Phone: 990 86 935

May Endresen

Opportunity Manager

Phone: 958 13 326